European research project

Our participation in European projects affords us fruitful experience exchanges that enrich our work and broaden our vision.

PEARLS – Planning and Engagement Arenas for Renewable Energy Landscapes.

Research on renewable energy landscapes, planning and social innovation, is based on secondments between academic researchers and company staff. [H2020-MSCA-RISE 2017 – Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchang].

RELY – Action TU1401. Renewable energy and landscape quality

The research analyses the interrelationships between renewable energy production and landscape quality, as well as the role of public participation in the acceptance of renewable energy systems. [COST – European Cooperation in Science and Technology. H2020].

Fourtours – Border Fortifications

The project emphasizes cross-border military architecture. Territoria has created an app for two of the European project partners. [POCTEP – Interreg Spain-Portugal 2014-2020].

Paths and justice – The Disappearance of Public Paths in Spain and its Impact on Landscape Justice

Together with the Plataforma Ibérica por los Caminos Públicos (Iberian Platform for Public Pathways), a study has been carried out on the consequences that the disappearance, usurpation or degradation of public roads has on citizens’ access to the landscape. [Landscape Research Group – 50th Anniversary Research Fund].

Enerscapes – Territory, landscape and renewable energy

The research analyses the compatibility of the development of renewable energies with the protection of the landscape. Territoria has technically assisted the Ministry of the Environment, partner of the project, throughout its entire duration. [MED Operational Programme. 2017-2013].