land use planning,
landscape and historical heritage

Territoria works in the sustainable land planning and of his natural resources, cultural and landscaped, doing territorial studies and services of land use planning and urban planning.


 Los territorios se enfrentan a los grandes retos de la despoblación, el cambio climático y la globalización. En Territoria procuramos entender los hechos diferenciales que singularizan y dan identidad a los distintos territorios y paisajes, para plantear una  planificación que facilite su sostenibilidad ambiental, social y económica, con un alto valor añadido.

We are committed to listening to people (and territories) to support them in the creation of fair, cohesive and resilient cities and territories.

Italy - landscape from castel


Territoria is a consultancy founded in 2011 by an interdisciplinary team. We have extensive experience in the analysis, diagnosis and planning of the territory, landscape and historical heritage. We are specialists in the protection and urban planning of historical heritage; impact assessment and landscape integration; tourism products with a territorial bias and the protection of public roads.

Our services cover territorial and urban planning and the enhancement of their territorial assets.


We have extensive experience in services for the aregional and local public administration and universities, as well as in research through European projects.



Responsible planning of the territories, to guarantee their sustainable development. We carry out in-depth analyzes of the characteristics of each territory and provide strategic solutions for its development, always with the aim of improving the quality of life of the communities and preserving the local identity.

Aerial View Of Rural Landscape. Combine Harvester Working In Field, Collects Seeds. Harvesting Of


The landscape as perceived territory. Landscape services are focused on the identification, characterization and qualification of landscapes, Landscape Impact Assessment, landscape integration of actions. In any case, the deep consideration of the landscape approach in our planning and actions is a constant.

Landscape of La Gomera, Canary Islands, Spain


Territoria performs inventory, planning and design and trail and road services. We are strong defenders of public roads and offer advice for their defense and recovery. We also carry out design and enhancement services (tourism promotion, publications...) of trails and paths.

historical heritage

Identification, arrangement and enhancement of cultural assets. Historical heritage as a living reality, an integral part of our contemporary society. We work to maintain its use as essential condition for its material and meaning conservation, to be transmitted to the generations to come.

Village with old houses in summer

town planning

Urban planning focused on social and environmental regeneration. We develop strategies for the revitalization and modernization of urban areas that respect the local identity and improve the quality of life of its residents.

Renewable energy

We work to be at the forefront regarding the territorial management of current dynamics. We carry out territorial planning and research that allow us to innovate and propose solutions to current challenges in territorial planning and urban planning.